I am a slow tech learner.  But when I learn I try to ensure I understand things deeply.  If I don’t understand, I try to learn from experts in whatever form the knowledge is available like videos, blog post, books etc.

My name is Rajesh Pillai.  As of now I am setting things up and will be the primary author but I am adding more like-minded people to this group to create awesome content which is outside my area of expertise.

My mission is to help you truly understand new concepts and  time-tested foundations. Let’s move past dry facts, boring  videos and share the Aha! moments that make learning fun, memorable and recollectable.

The guiding  philosophy is this Einstein quote: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” and


If an intuition-first approach and learning based on first principles resonates with you, you’ll feel right at home here.