Design Patterns using JavaScript + node.js (ES6+)


Design Patterns using JavaScript + node.js (ES6+)

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Learn the fundamentals of building unbreakable web applications using time-tested patterns.


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Design patterns are time-tested solutions to recurring software problems. If you are curious about the history behind this then give wiki a go at

The 23 Gang of Four (GoF) patterns are generally considered the foundation for all other patterns. They are categorized in three groups: Creational, Structural, and Behavioral (see below for a complete list).

We will take a detailed look at each one of them. Please do note the primary source of reference will be the original book by the GoF (Design Patterns : Elements of Reusable Object Oriented Software)

Points to Ponder

All Gof patterns discussed here are not in fundamental way inherently bad or good in the sense that anything in design or computing or technology can be good or bad (As you will hear and read a lot about pros and cons).

The idea behind the design pattern series is that you understand the core concepts, read other people’s opinion and then make a value judgement.

It’s not that if it didn’t worked for others, it may not work for you. Let’s get started.

And also even if you don’t want to use the pattern, when you encounter them you know what you are dealing with rather than taking guess work.

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