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After the story of how to be a lifelong learner was published, I got may queries regarding the recommended books for every software/web engineer/developer should read.

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Objective of Reading books

Now, the primary objective of reading books should be to gain more knowledge, but more important to learn from the writers years of experience, which he/she is presenting to you in a handy readable format.

This experience is worth in gold for developers.

Applying your readings

Reading will just make you good enough. Coding and getting your hands dirty will definitely be even better when clubbed with reading.

Even better if you can draw and visualize the concepts.

I will be dividing this story into sections for easy reference. I will be linking the amazon or other website page of the book (I am in no way affiliated to any of these websites).

Also, I am only referencing the modern books and some classical books (which are time tested)

Classical Book

Every developer/engineer should read/give a glance through these books periodically.

Design Patterns (Gof Elements of Reusable Object Oriented Software

The classical book that every engineer, developer and architect should refer. Even though the examples may seem dated, but there are gems and you never know when you get that “aha” moment”.

Algorithms – By Robert Sedgewick

This is a handy reference. Not to be read in one sitting. Take one algorithm at a time.

Common books for all engineers/developers

A good reading throughout your career.

Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code

This book by Martin Fowler is a must read for all developers, leads and architects.

Computer Networking (A Top-Down Approach)

A very good general read. Those working with networked application will find this useful. Nonetheless, I will recommend every engineer/developer to keep this book handy, read it slowly, take time, and enjoy.

If you don’t have a computer science degree

The imposters handbook

That book is The Imposter’s Handbook, a compendium of useful programming concepts from Algorithms to Complexity Theory, TDD to Garbage Collection. Things you should really know if you’re paid to write software.

Web Development Books (front end development)

The below list will contain the most important book that I read for learning front-end development.

Secrets of JavaScript Ninja

This book by John Resig, the creator of the awesome jQuery library is a must read (No matter what people says, jquery is not in popularity, or whatever, do no miss reading this book).

Take your time. Read it slowly. You will thank me later. (No matter whether you work with React, Angular, Vue.js or some futuristic framework), you will definitely get a goldmine of information and knowledge from this book.

Some important topics covered are

  • Functions in depth
  • Closures and Scopes
  • Generators and Promises
  • Prototypes
  • Regular Expressions
  • Browser reconnaissance
  • Unit testing

JavaScript Patterns – Stoyan Stefanov

A very good book. Some important topics covered are

  • Functions
  • Object Creation Patterns
  • Code Reuse Patterns
  • Design Patterns
  • DOM and Browser Patterns

Build your own Angular.js (now free)

Though this is based on angular.js (older version) but the information, design, patterns, techniques is gold. Besides the entire thing is done using TDD fashion.

I only hope if someone could write a similar book on modern Angular.

Do not miss this (did I said that it is free now).

You will need a lot of patience and need to do a lot of coding to get the most from this book.

NOTE: This is a WIP article, as I am cherry picking only the best and absolutely useful ones.

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