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Hello everyone, welcome to the first post in this place on the web. As the content for the primary web is in progress, I have enabled the blog to give real time updates and share some tech nuggets with you awesome people out there.

As of writing this I am prototyping the content and soon, may be in two weeks time the first beta content/course will be published. Post that every week content will be updated and early supporters will get access to raw content as it is being drafted.

Hope you will come along with me in my journey to create this awesome place for tech lovers.

Here’ is a an email that I drafted to early adopters but due to some reason was unable to mail.

Email Extract:

Hello Friends,
Trust you all are doing well.  I have open up the beta access to the .  Please bear with me as I finalize the complete layout, update courses etc.
The blog will be the most active for next couple of weeks.

As an early adopter, you will get access to all courses, as it is drafted.  That will give you an advantage, as you will be able to see the mistakes I am making and learn with me and help me setup this portal for the world.

To test out the site, I am initially moving some of my blog posts here with added material.  Please take a look and let me know what you think and leave a review/rating as desired.

If it is good let the world know by your comments and ratings and if it is bad allow me an opportunity to fix it by connecting with me directly.
The blog will also serve as a work log of activities happening.  The courses updated so far are experimental for trying out the platform as I am learning wordpress/php a bit.

The first phase of the techstack used to build this is – PHP, WordPress, MySQL- Amazon S3 for image storage.

The second phase will be rewritten using-  React on fronend-  WordPress REST API as backend.

The below is the premium set of courses that will be published in the next 3 months.
1.  JavaScript from basics to professional

2.  Node.js fundamentals to advanced

3.  React.js Full Stack4.  Data Structures and Algorithms using JavaScript/ C#

The below product development courses will also be published.1.  Build a production quality  product using React, Node.  (I will update which product we will be building together).

There could some changes in the agenda, but more or less will remain the same.

In the first phase of this project the technical subject will revolve around JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue, Node, ASP.NET Core.

If you would like to see some content early one, please feel free to drop a mail directly to m mentioning the tech topic/subject you are interested in.  I will read every mail.
I will suggest those working with JavaScript and struggling with understanding promise to start with

I guarantee by the time you complete the article you would have understood promise in and out.

You can help me out by giving early feedback, topic suggestion, point out errors/omissions if any etc.
Again just a reminder the courses published so far is experimental to test out the platform.  Content will be added every alternate day.

This will allow you to keep pace with technology one nugget at a time, rather that bombarding with a whole lot of finished content.

NOTE:  Do create a login for yourself using your personal email ID (avoid using work email ID).  The login creation will be stopped once the beta user limit is reached.
Thanks for your cooperation.


Rajesh Pillai

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